Freiherrin Tatjana von Barthory

Tel: 01796566826

Escort • Hotelbesuche • Clubbesuche • Outdoor • Langzeiterziehung

Would you like to serve at the highest level, a superior, elegant, visionary, consisted but also sympathetic Mistress?
You would like to realize and become acquainted with your submissive and/or masochist side?

I would love to tie you so that you have no choice but to submit to your Domina's caresses. My hands will gently running over your body, while my beautiful long nails taunting you as they run over your nipples, making them erect, and then approach to your balls and cock, so your Mistress can enjoy making them harder
The position I want you in is when you are tied like a package, can't say anything and are not able to move any finger or free yourself, as you lay uncertain in front of me, not knowing what will happen next.
I will look you in the eyes and tease you, knowing how hard you want to kiss your Mistress lips or breast.

I expect from you to please me and obey in every way.
Who wants to serve me must accept my rules as it is my way or the highway.
Failure will not be tolerated and believe me, i´m very creative in finding punishments and you can be sure, i will find the hardest chastisement for you!

Your suffering will be my desire!


Are you ready for a new experience?